Does Weather Affect Downtown Events?

Will Mother Nature Cause Cancellations or Delays of Our Events?

The answer: Sometimes.

To check the status of any of our outdoor events (all of them are outdoors), go to one of our Facebook page, Historic Downtown Clermont Facebook, for updates regarding whether or not an event is cancelled or delayed due to weather.

Or, call the CDP office at 352-247-4640 for a recorded message.

Public safety is our utmost concern. Most of our events involve canopy pop-up tents which are required to be weighted to help prevent flying canvas and metal; however, even properly weighted tents can “take off” in high winds. Because of this possibility, we may cancel an event if, in our opinion, our guests, visitors, shoppers, vendors and merchants may be in danger.

Decisions to delay or cancel are made based on the best weather information available at the time. Multiple sources are constantly reviewed and we do our best to make “the right call”. Storms, gusty winds above a certain MPH, lightning and other weather conditions, will cause outdoor events to be delayed or even cancelled. Light rain or intermittent showers usually do not affect an event from proceeding. And, like most weathermen/women/persons, sometimes we get it right — sometimes we don’t. So, we are very particularly about canceling any event. As we all know, Mother Nature makes the rules.

Cancellations do not often occur; however, we all know that sometimes cancellations will happen.

Thank you for caring so much about your hometown Downtown Farmer’s Market.

Ron Smart, Executive Director, Clermont Downtown Partnership